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Posted by Admin On7th October 2009

Having just moved to South Texas, I have discovered an innovative little convenience store that apparently only exists around this area of Texas. I moved to Lake Jackson, Texas just three weeks ago. The first place I went when I got into Lake Jackson was to get gas for my van. After filling up the tank, I walked indoors and was greeted by a staffer. This did much to alleviate the tension I was experiencing.

It was hot, different, and I was an outsider—but these people were friendly to me despite that. I soon found that these staffers matched the society, if not the industry. While most convenience stores are full of agitated, rude employees, Buc-ee’s accurately reflected the society it had been created in, one that glorifies southern manners and politeness. Ever since entering that first Buc-ee’s, we have tried to stop at a Buc-ee’s for gas when we are traveling abroad. We believe in rewarding businesses for a good great business practices and for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere;Buc-ee’s offers that in spades.

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